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9 Best Nightclubs in Bali

Indonesia has become a favorite tourist destination that is very famous for its tourist attractions offer natural beauty, a culture that varies from Sabang to Merauke. You can come on vacation to the beautiful island of Bali, and before you go on vacation to Bali, of course you will choose a place of tourist that you think is good, we recommend you to come on vacation to Kuta, Legian, Seminyak which also offers crowd centers and night clubs.

Have you been to enjoy drinks, music, and delicious food? So this is the place you must be on nights in Bali. Prepare to dance and dance on the nightclub stage until you are tired; you feel that your feet are falling. Jl. Legian, Kuta, Canggu, and Seminyak or like some tourists call it: the heartbeat of Bali is a road full of restaurants, clubs, and shops. GreenBox Bali is one of the happening bar in Bali. This place is charming and is perfect for people who like and want to have fun. Enjoying music, dancing and of course some sweet drinks are part of a great place to hang out with good people.

After you have chosen lodging in the Seminyak area, Kuta, Legian, you will be offered a night club that offers an infinity pool decorated with festive lights on the beach. Not only restaurants many night clubs offer fabulous restaurants and bars that provide a festive party atmosphere after sunset, you can enjoy a lively dance floor with friends spending the night. Go to these places that combine the best soundtracks with incredible vibrations, delicious drinks, and dance floor antics. Go and check our list of 9 best nightclubs in Bali.



best nightclub in bali lxxy

#1 best nightclub in bali – lxxy

This very well-known Nightclub in Bali can be your choice to enjoy the evening atmosphere while enjoying a food and drink menu, all you can eat and drink, that offers a lively party atmosphere. LXXY is rated number 1 for nightclub in Bali by TripAdvisor. You can enjoy the dance floor with friends and be accompanied by the best music counter with amazing vibrations on play by the famous International DJ. You can come every day. So what are you waiting for, don’t miss the festive atmosphere at LXXY Bali.


Old Man’s

best nightclub in bali old mans

#2 best nightclub in bali  – old man’s

What is Old Man’s? Canggu’s beachside bar hosts live music performances played by international DJs and great weekend parties.

Why do you have to go there? Despite the severe but relaxed atmosphere in this Canggu bar, this place offers a great international festive atmosphere regularly. You can enjoy the cool acoustic blues created by Ash Grunwald at the weekend, followed by a set of scratched music from the next Jazzy DJ. Your day is getting more colorful while enjoying the incredible vibe, enjoying a drink on the dancefloor.


La Plancha

best nightclub in bali la plancha

#3 best nightclub in bali – la plancha

What is La Plancha? The bar on the edge of Double Six Seminyak Beach is decorated by colorful umbrellas offering live music and international DJ music rhythms and can be enjoyed on weekends.

Why should you go to La Plancha? This chiringuito-style bar is one of the first bars on the beach of Double Six Seminyak, lively luminous lights, colorful beanbags, and an inclusive vibe make it one of the most popular nightclubs in Seminyak. You will also find DJ sets with live saxophones and tropical cocktails.


Woo Bar

best nightclub in bali woo bar

#4 best nightclub in bali – woo bar

What is Woo Bar? The luxury lounge bar at the edge of the pool in W Hotel Seminyak can be your choice to enjoy the festive evening atmosphere.

Why should you go to Woo Bar? There are many bars inside the five-star hotels in Bali, but Woo Bar is one of them that deserve choice. You can enjoy a two-for-one cocktail, which is open every day from 4-6pm, and try tasting passion fruit mojitos under the lantern lights and swaying palm trees. Go inside to the bar in the underground Woobase to listen and enjoy techno and house music.


Motel Mexicola

best nightclub in bali motel mexicola

#5 best nightclub in bali – motel mexicola

What is Motel Mexicola? The bar and restaurant have a colorful Mexican atmosphere in the center of Seminyak.

Why go to Motel Mexicola? Eat and enjoy the food menu at an empanada party, tostadas, and tacos before you go to everything on the impromptu dance floor at night. Bartenders will pour tequila laybacks to start and enjoy a fantastic evening party, and the reggaeton and Latin hit soundtracks, plus classic party songs will keep you grooving until evening.


Potato Head Beach Club

best nightclub in bali potato head beach club

#6 best nightclub in bali – potato head beach club

What is Potato Head Beach Club Bali? A beachside pool bar is one of the best day clubs in Bali – complete with private day beds, delicious cocktails (make sure you order fresh lemongrass and passion fruit Kookaburra), this restaurant also offers fantastic views.

Why should you go to Potato Head Beach Club? While the swimming pool is the main attraction, Potato Head is also designed with slick and vibrant. Expect anything from the installation of sculptures by art activist Liina Klauss; DJs governed by Floating Points; artwork by local painter Eko Nugroho; or the annual Sunny Side Up Festival. (which has been led by people like Phoenix, Halsey, and Flight Facilities).


Single Fin

best nightclub in bali single fin

#7 best nightclub in bali – single fin

What is Single Fin? Multi-level balcony bar in the famous Uluwatu.

Why must go to Single Fin? Single Fin offers a very legendary sunset view from Single Fin. This place is also a destination for surfers and local residents. You can watch the waves as you perch on one of the largest balconies in Bali with rum-spiked kombucha or white wine sangria in hand.


Pretty Poison

best nightclub in bali pretty poison

#8 best nightclub in bali – pretty poison

What is Pretty Poison? An outdoor diving bar that takes the theme of California skate culture, complete with a skate pool inspired by Lords of Dogtown.

Why do you have to go to Pretty Poison? Unique nightlife venues while enjoying a beer in hand, and local skaters here are more than happy to show. Gather around the edge of the skate bowl and watch the locals skate, flip and spin in and out, while the DJ plays rock notes.


La Favela

best nightclub in bali la favela

#9 best nightclub in bali – la favela

The first night club in Seminyak that famous for long time is La Favela. Since it was first opened in 2013, La Favela has become the most famous night tourist spot in Seminyak which is also used as a club and restaurant. La Favela is designed and decorated very nicely which serves a delicious food and drink menu; you can enjoy a very tasty menu of Spanish and Greek food, you can enjoy amazing music throughout the day played by famous DJs. This is where you can enjoy the most relaxed atmosphere and crowds that you can enjoy every Saturday and Sunday. Feel how the Bali nightlife atmosphere is in here.