If our Pool Club is the height of chilling, and our Night Club is the heart of the party, INKK is the soul of LXXY.
With a capacity of up to 300 people, INKK is located on the ground floor of the LXXY complex and is your first taste of what LXXY is all about.
At its most basic, INKK blends art and entertainment providing a mesmerising experience for its all of its visitors.
But what makes INKK truly unique is its mandate to create a sense of community for the movers and shakers of the local hip-hop scene in Bali by providing a venue that allows for the fusion of performance, art and lifestyle.

Since its inception in 2018, INKK is fast becoming the go-to hangout spot for local hip-hop communities and we could not be more delighted to support the local scene and its growth.
At INKK, you will bear witness to freestyle rap battles, breakdancing competitions, and some serious beat-boxing skills all unfolding on our very own dance floor.
There is always something new happening, or someone new to watch within this vibrant crowd.

INKK brings you Artainment, a hybrid fusion that features provocative artistic designs and the ultimate sonic perfection, designed to bringing your party experience to a whole new level.
INKK is definitely a top place to visit in Bali.
The murals and graffiti art adorning the walls of INKK were custom created by 15 local artists who have fused their urban art craft with the technology of 3D mapping techniques, UV lighting and neon elements.
The artwork and lighting come together to offer a fully immersive experience further enhanced by our state of the art Void Acoustics sound system.
In the rapidly growing graffiti scene in Indonesia, INKK is proud to be at the forefront in supporting this craft and the subculture that accompanies it.
For anyone craving for a party experience that truly involves all your senses, INKK is the answer.